My cute cat....

oh no!

My cat bite off a paper butten from my Gentleman box...so sad...
I don't think I have spare for that...

She really likes papers...(like me!)
I try to  keep everything  away from her like the other picture but...
I left the Gentleman box and printer tray project on my work desk ...
Luckliy she didn't bite my printer tray!!


Anyway, I need to have better idea for keep my project away from her...
If you have any good ideas for that, I will be so appreciate to have it!!
I just submit final round project for Graphic 45 design team audition.
I will post it later!! 
I hope you will enjoy them!

そして、先日無事にGraphic 45の最終選考の作品を提出しました。

Thank you for stop by my blog.

Have a wonderful day!!

2 件のコメント:

  1. Oh Chie, she is beautiful, look at her - awwe. I do miss my little boy... Afraid I don't have advice, she wants to help you?? Giving you support. Lol..
    Golly your room is SO tidy & look at all your wonderful goodies on the shelves... :))

    1. Thank you so much Caroline. My room is always messy except this day. But I try to keep it clean.
      She likes paper and just want to play with it...so I need to keep everything away from her. Luckily,I found a paper button from corner of my room next day!!
      I will put it back soon.
      Thank you so much for your comment and support.